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Confused about what concepts such as horsepower mean? Want to learn how to troubleshoot your malfunctioning radiator? Curious about tips on how to change your oil? Want to read about other auto service concepts and ideas? Then, this blog is for you. Please explore. Hi! My name is Thom, and I have enjoyed playing with cars for quite a while. I do most of my own repairs, and I've even restored an old R-series six cylinder, and I'm thinking about buying and restoring an old Holden as well. While I decide on which car I want to work on next, I decided to start a blog devoted to auto service. Enjoy!


4 Great Additions to Any Car Being Driven Frequently Across the Outback

10 June 2016
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If you're going to be frequently driving your vehicle across the outback, you'll need to take extra care against the outback's demanding climate and landscape. Sticking to the roads means you won't need anything as serious as a 4X4, but you should still think about adding the following options to your vehicle. 1. Window Tinting Tinting your windows won't keep all of the sunlight from entering your vehicle, but it will prevent glare from hitting your eyes, UV rays from hitting your skin and the vehicle's upholstery, and heat from boiling you during long drives. Read More …